We had the opportunity to talk about our project
I LOVE THEREFORE I AM, Love and human connections during events, conferences and a TEDx. 
We will keep you update for our upcoming talks and events as well as our future shoots for the documentary series. 

20th of May 2017 

Launch of the "Mouvement Altruiste" - France 

We presented our documentary and our mouvement during the launch
of the "Mouvement Altruiste" in Lyon, in France. 

Some experts and scientists were invited to talk about our future and the environment. 
The focus of the event was on local and international actionscreated to change our society. 

We screened our teaser and answered questions about our project, our movement and the organization we are setting up. 

2nd of December 2016


In December 2016, we were invited us to present our project I LOVE THEREFORE I AM at the TEDxLyon, Love and other fundamentals.
"From powerlessness to the power of Love"
TEDxLyon contacted us after the success of our Kickstarter campaign a year ago so we are very very grateful for your support from the beginning of this adventure.