Marine and leslie have been best friends for almost a decade.
They met on the shoot of a french TV series.  
They already filmed in the french Alps, Paris, Vietman, Indonesia, Nepal,Thailand
and Singapore together.

They are the two co-directors and co-founders
of the documentary and movement I LOVE THEREFORE I AM.

They are also founding an organization : "ILTIA foundation



Marine has been working in the film industry in France for 20 years. She is a member of the Académie des Césars.

In 2009, she directed "murmurs", a film on the rehabilitation of a prisoner. The short was bought by the Ministry of Culture and screened during Amnesty International exhibitions. 

In 2015, she directed the documentary "These Invisible Bonds", a documentary about family secrets and psychogenealogy: "3 people go on a quest in search of their family’s secrets, and try to take back the control of their own destiny."

Her films illustrate, with an aesthetic sensibility, how to find meaning in life, and free ourselves from conditioning and taking responsibility.



Leslie is an actor, director and activist, and lives in Los Angeles.

We have seen her, among others, in lead roles of french series on TF1 and France 2,
and in the American film "Larry Gaye”. 
She was also the face of various international cosmetic campaigns.

For the past two years, Leslie has taken a turning point in her career and wants to focus on causes and productions that have a positive and constructive impact on society and the environment.

In 2015-20016, she partnered with the organization "BuildOn" to build two schools in Nepal and Haiti.
She was the head of the fundraising campaign, along with two other actresses.