What is the cause of
war, the ecological crisis, violence, domination, individualism,
racism, terrorism, judgment, fear and lack of self esteem?

The lack of Love ! 

Because we didn’t want to be a part of a system we criticize,

Because we wanted to do something about it, on our own level, 

Because we couldn’t find a complete documentary about Love addressing our questions, 

Because we realized that we would have to do it ourselves,

Because waiting isn’t an option anymore...

 We decided to drop everything and leave on a quest
to find the essence of Love
and understand its impact around the world.


Why Love is the solution to the problems our society is facing and
how Love could fix our 4 major crises: the economy, climate change, ideology and the identity crisis. 

We will also bring back inspiration and solutions from various cultures and international experts based on Love to radically change our world. 

What if Love BECAME a priority in our lives ? 
What kind of society would emerge ?

4 episodes

The series will follow our personal quest around 4 continents.
We will live with tribes, indigenous peoples and communities, and interview experts in science, psychology, ethology, spirituality and philosophy... 

We will discover what Love is, understand how it can change our society, and find a way to make love a priority in our lives. 

Leslie ceremonie.JPG

A "feel good" movie 


The theatre version will focus on inspirations and solutions already initiated around the world. 

We will sensibilise an international audience to LOVE through emotions, adventures and experiences.